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Red Langur - Near (Single)

FLK106 | 20th October 2023

Red Langur Unveils Second Single ‘Near’: A Mesmerizing Dive into the Uncharted Wilderness of Individuality and the Theme Song for the Chronically Lost and Confused! 

This second single delves into the thrill of embracing one’s uniqueness and the chaos that ensues when you break free from the ordinary. With a rebellious spirit, they remind us that standing out can be a wild ride, and sometimes it’s best to pull the trigger on conforming. 

We would however suggest, go ahead and let your quirks run wild; interpreting the song is like making a pizza - it’s all about your choice of toppings, even if you want to put pineapple on it (we won’t judge). 

Who are the enigmatic figures known as Red Langur, may you wonder? (Unless you’ve had a chance encounter with their debut single “If we don’t want to”)? They comprise a group of musical virtuosos hailing from some unknown land. Their origin story, veiled in secrecy, revolves around an encounter with a wise old hippo, who bestowed upon them the ancient secrets of musical artistry. As for tales of their inaugural rehearsal on a grand vine swing, we still can neither confirm nor refute such notions. What we do affirm though is that they’ve since evolved into a respected and talented indie band known for their distinctive musical prowess. 

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