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Red Langur - If we don't want to (Single)

FLK105 | 15th September 2023


Unveiling the mysterious new Indie sensation ‘Red Langur’, and their debut single ‘If we don’t want to’

Get ready for an extraordinary musical experience as the enigmatic band, Red Langur, steps out of the shadows with their debut single. This indie gem promises to engage your senses, leaving you eagerly anticipating more from this troupe of langurs. 

The debut single, ‘If we don’t want to’, showcases Red Langur’s uncanny ability to transport listeners to a lush, auditory oasis. With catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and a serious groove that’ll make your hips sway like palm trees in a gentle breeze, this song is a testament to their wild talent. 

The song takes us on a playful journey through the intricacies of a relationship, where the singler starts off feeling lonely, conjuring up conversations in his head. But then, their partner drops this gem: “We don’t have to change.” It’s like saying, “Why redecorate the entire house when you can just rearrange the furniture?”.

Who are the Red Langurs, you ask? Well, prepare to be mystified! They are a group of musical prodigies hailing from the depths of the jungle. Their origin story, shrouded in secrecy, involves a chance meeting with a wise old hippo, who imparted the ancient secrets of music-making to them. Rumour has it that their first rehearsal took place on a giant vine swing, but we can neither confirm not deny that detail. All we know is that they have now become an indie band with a penchant for some serious grooves.  

Mark your calendars and prepare to experience the force of the Red Langurs when ‘If we don’t want to’ is released on the 15th September. The single will be available on all major streaming platforms, allowing you to immerse yourself in their unique sound from the comfort of your very own habitat. 

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