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Red Langur - Slowly (Single)

FLK112 | 1st March 2024

Red Langur Unveils 4th Single 'Slowly': With poignant lyrics evoking dreams, raindrops, and burning flames, the track envelops listeners in a sense of introspection and resilience.

Red Langur, the anonymous indie band making waves on streaming platforms with their ethereal melodies and evocative lyrics, has unveiled their latest single, "Slowly". This captivating and thought provoking track marks the band's fourth release, following the success of their previous singles "If we don’t want to", "Near", and "Airplane mode".

"Slowly" invites listeners into a world of introspection and resilience, with its poignant lyrics and mesmerizing acoustic melodies. The song gracefully weaves together themes of dreams, raindrops, and burning flames, enveloping audiences in a sense of introspection and longing.


In a time where playlists shuffle faster than you can say "skip”, the aptly titled "Slowly," will grace streaming platforms on March 1st. Because even in the whirlwind of modern music, some melodies choose to mosey along at their own leisurely pace, reminding us to embrace the rhythm of life... one beat at a time.

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