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Red Langur - Airplane mode (Single)

FLK110 | 24th November 2023

In a departure from their signature indie sound, the dynamic trio is set to captivate audiences with their latest track, “Airplane mode”. Embracing a more acoustic and lowkey vibe, the band invites listeners to embark on a journey of calm contemplation with this soul-stirring composition.

The lyrics of “Airplane mode” delve into the intricacies of modern relationships and the challenges of genuine communication. The verses paint a vivid picture of memories captured through photographs, echoing the warmth of shared moments and the palpable connection between two souls. A poetic journey unfolds, with the protagonist grappling with conflicting emotions, immersed in the real of big little lies played out on a digital screen. The closing of both the phone and the hear beneath it amplifies the sense of emotional vulnerability. The desire for escapism and the pursuit of solace are expressed through the protagonist’s contemplation of another drink and the yearning for the serenity of sleep.

“Airplane Mode” encapsulates the essence of ‘Red Langur’s’ musical evolution, showcasing their versatility and ability to craft narratives that resonate with the human experience. This acoustic departure reaffirms the band’s commitment to pushing acoustic boundaries while maintaining a profound connection with the audience.

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