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GoodLuck - Find Me In The Forest (PaulWetz Remix)

Free Download 27th July 2017

At the youthful age of 20, Paul Wetz from the Black Forest in Germany is already moving dancefloors across Europe on his summer tour with Texan born artist Sean Bradford. In Just 3 short years Paul has built up an impressive collection of his own music, remixes, and productions for various artists. This year he is set to push things up even further with an exciting release schedule of his infectious groovy tracks.


At the age of 8 Paul Wetz discovered the magic of music when he took up classical guitar lessons. At age 9 he formed a rock bank and later on discovered the world of electronic music which lead to more inspiration, and paved his way into a culture that brings people of all kinds together. He was hooked. In his own words he “almost didn’t graduate high school because of his addiction to making music on the computer”; incidentally he ended up graduated well – another testimony to his talents.



Track listing:


1. GoodLuck - Find Me In The Forest (PaulWetz Remix)


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