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Nothing In Common - Starting Over (Single)

FLK090 | 17th Sept 2021


With the release of their debut album – Trips Around the Sun – Stockholm’s Indie Alternative Rock Band, Nothing in Common, is set to bless the airwaves with Starting Over, the second single of the album. Just as was teased, with the release of their first track Dent, Nothing in Common reveals once again that there is much more than just musical talent to this trio. Through their lyrical craftsmanship and instrumental flair, Starting Over announces loud and clear that this band’s emotions run deep. 

Where the title of the song would suggest revelling in the triumph of embarking on a new adventure – and the weightlessness one should feel when transitioning into a new phase – Nothing in Common plays with our heartstrings once more. In this second single release, the band openly expresses the apprehension one feels when faced with having to leave a past lover and find someone new. Even if that new person should begrudgingly be themselves. There is a contradictory feeling of discomfort brought through the closure of the ended relationship. With the lyrics expressing that one’s heart and lips do not share a mind, we are reminded that, sometimes, we say we need something even when we know it’s not good for us. 

As a more upbeat track, Starting Over is the perfect anthem for listeners who have experienced heartbreaks that meant something and who still have love for those they are no longer with. This is driven home towards the end of the track there where there is a hope, kept alive from the embers of a once burning love, that despite the romantic separation, their ex-lover is doing ok.


Starting Over was produced by Sean Mcilwaine from Sweet Track Audio in South Africa, along with co-production from Oskar Marks at Flak Records. The second single and debut album are set to be released September 17th, 2021, and will be available across all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, and more.  

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