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Nothing In Common - Trips Around the Sun (Album)

FLK099 | 25th November 2022


Taking Trips Around the Sun And Finding More in Common Than We Initially Thought

We’ve all had those moments where we contemplate our being, our purpose, and what it means to be floating on this rock, living our individual lives. Music has the power to take the place of that voice inside our heads and bring new imagery, new meaning, and a new understanding to what it means to be alive. Yesterday, today, and for the rest of our days.

That’s what you can expect from Nothing in Common’s debut album, Trips Around the Sun. Well, that...and so much more than that.


Where some of the album’s heart-tugging tracks offer an otherworldly and existential perspective, Trips Around the Sun also delivers deeply grounding and introspective sounds.


As eager listeners will come to find, Trips Around the Sun is about passing through life, and taking and leaving unique bits of essence everywhere you go. Whether on your journey or at each new destination you find yourself in.

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