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Mon Rayon - Kate Moss in Paris (Single)

FLK116 | 8th Nov 2023

Mon Rayon has emerged slowly but surely behind closed doors, through daydreaming about how it could sound, look and feel. Together, they have built a stable foundation by finding common references in music, film and outlook on life and thus setting up a framework to create within.

The debut single ‘Kate Moss in Paris’ is about dating someone who you notice is evasive and quite back and forth. The hope that there will be something more, but with lingering thoughts that it probably won't be. To protect your own heart, you try to take o those heart-shaped, rose tinted sunglasses so as not to fall even harder.

The duo about the debut single:

“The single ‘Kate Moss in Paris’ was recorded in one day by recording a live take with drums and bass, and then doing guitar and vocal overdubs. We recorded it quickly to keep as much of the original energy as possible - not go in and change anything afterwards.”

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