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Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose  - Make Me Believe [Single]

FLK088 | 30th Jul 2021

The sounds of Electro Swing artist Jamie Berry is where melodies of decades past and modern music meet. Combining the vintage styles of swing with contemporary electronic music, Jamie Berry brings a bit of nostalgia to the twenty first century. With the release of his new track, Make Me Believe – featuring the vivacious vocals of Octavia Rose – Jamie Berry aims to have listeners touch-stepping, triple-stepping, and kick-ball-changing with every beat of his newest release. 

Both the piano and drum beat start off the song and, within seconds, the soothing sounds of the sax and terrific tone of the trumpet signify that swing is in session right before the beat kicks in. As if the rhythmic pulse of Jamie Berry’s signature Electro Swing sounds wasn’t enough, vocalist Octavia Rose adds another element with her distinctive and debonair voice. Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose have worked together before on numerous tracks including Delight in 2012, and Lost in the Rhythm in 2016. This time around, Jamie Berry and Octavia Rose establish themselves as the swing couple you don’t want to compete with on the dance floor. 


It’s worth noting that, because of the restrictions of COVID-19, neither Jamie Berry nor Octavia Rose were able to travel to record and master the track. Because of these constraints, Make Me Believe was recorded and produced across three different countries – The UK, Sweden, and Germany. With the crisp and expert mastering of the track, it’s hard to believe that Octavia Rose recorded her vocals in the confines of her own home under the guidance of both Jamie Berry and Flak Records. 

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