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Jamie Berry  - Bombinate EP


Juno Review:

Despite his habit of dropping one-track nuggets, Jamie Berry is back in business and brandishing a proper song-packed EP too! Berry has always been in a different galaxy of class to most electro-swing pretenders, and here is no different, with the raucous staccato strut of the title track leading the charge. Elsewhere "You Better Get Down" is a sassy half time prowler, "Risque" is all tough 30s-goes-breaks grooves and "It Ain't Right" is a pounding whirling dervish of jazz hands and bass. Finally the regal "Majesty" boasts some seriously elegant bass and urgent 4 x 4 bounce. Spectacular. 



Track listing:


1. Jamie Berry - You Better Get Down (Original Mix)

2. Jamie Berry - Risqué (Original Mix)

3. Jamie Berry - It Ain't right (Original Mix)

4. Jamie Berry - Majesty (Original Mix)

5. Jamie Berry - Bombinate (Original Mix)


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