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Frank Follows - Lights out (single)

FLK109 | 24th November 2023


Swedish Indie Rock band ‘Frank Follows’ Set to ‘Ignite’ Airways with Upcoming Single – “Lights out”

Stockholm, Sweden – 24th November 2023


Lights out is a pulsating journey through the ups and downs of life. Picture yourself running wild for weeks, cheeks flushed with determination, only to find yourself rusted up and out of steam. This is a track for those who’ve clutched at hopes and dreams, weathered the storms, and emerged stronger.

The chorus is an invitation to take a wild ride, to be taken down until you find your steady ground again. It’s an anthem for those moments when life feels like a chaotic carnival ride, and you know it’s all worth it when everything comes full circle. 

On a technical note, a consistent hallmark of Frank Follows is their virtuosity as musicians, marked by an astute appreciation for intricate details. Demonstrating their exceptional musical creativity, the band crafts a landscape through unconventional chord progressions. Notably, in the bridge, they showcase their artistry further by seamlessly incorporating a 7:4 time signature, a testament to their innovation and mastery in the musical realm.


The Frank Follows Experience: Formed during their studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Frank Follows is more than a band: they’re a musical force fuelled by passion, creativity, and shared love for good vibes. The trio’s dynamic chemistry is palpable, and it’s what makes “Lights out” and electrifying listening experience.


Lights, Camera, Action – The Music Video: To elevate the ‘Lights out’ experience, Frank Follows has crafted a visually stunning music video set to drop a week after the single release. Brace yourself for a story of struggle and hope, with beautiful cinematic prowess.

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