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Frank Follows - Flight Thoughts (Album)

FLK103 | 28th April 2023


Swedish Indie Rock band, Frank Follows, present themselves with their debut record ‘Flight Thoughts’; an album that treasures vulnerable falsettos and dreamy guitars.

With their vulnerable lyrics and the combination of capturing a dreamy and melodic soundscape, occasionally transitioning into a slightly more intense but at the same time elegant atmosphere, Frank Follows reminds us of a cross between Coldplay’s early days in the 90s to early 00s and Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ from 2011.


The band members consist of Adrian Bernhardson (lead vocals and guitar), Måns Ekholm (guitar) and Olof Victor (keys and production). They got to know each other during their studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, and it was also during this time that the band was formed and the debut album was written and recorded.


'Flight Thoughts' is a ten-track record where the title is an expression of escape from reality, which, from the band's perspective can be considered as dreaming beyond the everyday life and anxiety of the future to come. The lyrics sit within the borderland between adversity and hopefulness with repressed emotions in vulnerable falsettos and dreamy guitars. The soundscape is occasionally experienced as large and somewhat messy, and then transitions into a more fragile and dreamy mood. Regardless of sound levels and energies, this indie gem of a record maintains its elegance from the first note to the last.


The band comments; "'Flight Thoughts' is a reflection of ourselves and who we have been over the past few years. The creative process has been a long roller coaster of self-exploration and a search for musical identity. It has been a journey of creative challenges in both harmony and disharmony".

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